What in the Hell is happening to my country?

For almost four years I have watched this country being dragged, kicking and screaming on one side and cheering and vitriol on the other, going to hell in a hand basket at an alarming rate.  Ever since Mr. Trump announced his run for the presidency, he has been tearing this country apart, piece by piece.  It is not only Mr. Trump, but also a number of States who are also destroying the fabric of this great nation.

Whatever happened to one person – one vote?  A number of our states have been in the act of covertly suppressing the vote of their citizens, while others have been overtly, no not only overtly but blatantly, carrying out their plan.  Georgia, Kansas and North Dakota are prime examples of this.  It is not one person – one vote they object to, it is the person on the other end of the voting device they want to change.  If you are brown, black, Asian or native American then you are not qualified.  Only people who are white are qualified to vote and if those in power can maneuver it they will also eliminate those whites who do not own property.

Do you think I am joking?  How do you explain that in Georgia the Secretary of State, who is also running for Governor, has refused to process over 53,000 voter registrations.  It is estimated that of that 53,000 over 70% are African American.  Mr. Kemp, the Secretary of State, has said that they do not qualify under the states exact match law.  How can you tell when you are using amateurs to do the work of professionals.

Kansas, another state where the Secretary of State is also running for Governor, has been purging the rolls because someone has not voted in the last two election cycles, or they did not cancel their registration when they moved from one state to another.  It is not like a drivers license that you exchange the old license for a new one from your new state.

Now in North Dakota if you are Native American and the only address you have ever had is a Post Office Box and now you can not vote because you do not have a physical residential address.

Mr. Trump has, ever since his announcement to run, denigrated anyone of color he thinks is not American enough.  He says that a judge, born in the United States of Hispanic parents, is not American enough to handle a trial that involved Mr. Trump.  Or the black NFL Players who take a knee during the National Anthem to protest the shootings of people of color, by police.

Mr. Trump keeps screaming “Make America Great Again” or “MAGA”.  When did America lose its greatness?  Oh yeah, when white men, mostly it is the men but there are some women included, who found out that the privileges they thought were theirs alone really belonged to everyone.  But as long as you have the leader of a major political party screaming that the Dems are only mobs, who want to open our southern border allowing into our country, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and freeloaders to further tear it down, you will continue to have a divided country.

Recently, during an interview Mr. Trump was asked about a speech he made in Mississippi and his remarks about a woman who testified at a Senate hearing.  When pressed about his comments his reply was “Who cares, we won”.  Is that what this is all about – who wins and who loses?

Campaigns have always been nasty, bare knuckle brawls, but in the end the competitors shake hands and go about their life until the next campaign.  That was pretty much how it was until the campaign of 2016 and now the campaign of 2018.  The bare knuckle brawls have turned into real hate filled battles.  Is it because there are more women running for office, or more people of color?  Hard to say for sure, but I believe there is something about these two elements that have angered white males and their feelings of lost empowerment.

The Republicans can scream and call Representative Nancy Pelosi all the names in the book, but she is not the all powerful Goddess or Satan that they keep trying to make her out to be and the Democrats are not out to destroy this country.  Our love of country is as strong as ever and the more you try to tear us down, call us names and try to belittle us, that love of country becomes even stronger.  Many of us have served our country with pride and distinction and we do not like being called or held up to be traitors.  We will fight you with everything we have, legally and fairly.  We may not win every battle, but beware we will, sure as hell, win the war.