Do we really want him?

Dr. Blasey Ford testifying before the Senate Judicial Committee hearing

Ever since Thursday, I have felt unsettled about the circus of the Senate Judicial Committee.  When Dr. Blasey Ford testified before the committee she was concise and straight forward while showing emotion she was able to maintain her composure and communicate what had happened to her 36 years ago.  The Republican Senators felt that they should not question her and used a prosecutor from Arizona, this was probably a wise idea.  Even though the prosecutor used questions from the republican senators, I felt she really helped Dr. Blasey Ford rather than hurt her.

Judge Kavanaugh
Judge Kavanaugh testifying before the Senate Judicuary Committee

When Judge Kavanaugh came in and started his opening statement with all the yelling and crying, I felt outrage that anyone, particularly a Judge, would come into a room and treat Senators, Republican or Democrat, in such a manner.  He was out of line and he should have been removed from the hearing until he could compose himself.  Unfortunately, he was not and the American people got to see what his temperament really is.

The Republicans, after getting rid of the prosecutor, threw softball questions at Judge Kavanaugh.  I do not blame them for doing this, after all he is their man and they want him on the bench.  But when he was questioned by the Democrats he was belligerent and combative.  At one point he asked one senator, over and over, if she had ever blacked out after drinking too much and to another senator he admitted that he liked beer and proceeded to question the senator if he liked beer and what kind of beer he liked.

I do not know exactly how many times Judge Kavanaugh said “beer”, “he drank beer”, and “he liked beer” during his testimony, but it seemed excessive. It has been my experience that when a person talks about drinking and how much they like alcohol, that person has a problem with alcohol.

Now the proceedings have stopped and the issue of Judge Kavanaugh’s drinking and sexual exploits have been given over to the FBI.  As we all know, and Senator Grassley made it clear, over and over again, that the FBI does not make recommendations or come to conclusions, but they do gather the facts and give those facts to a higher authority to analyze for use by the committee.

Whether or not the FBI finds more information about Judge Kavanaugh’s drinking and sexual exploits, I feel that he should not be confirmed as an Associate Supreme Court Justice.  By his own actions and temperament, he has deemed himself ineligible to be placed on the Supreme Court.     

One thought on “Do we really want him?

  1. Mary L Gorsline September 30, 2018 / 7:39 pm

    Thanks, Larry. I agree with what you have written. I have never seen so many wealthy, powerful victims in my life as I saw in that hearing. I believe Republicans have lost their reason. Most of their comments, as well as their behavior, are totally irrational. You’re right about the “beer” testimony, in my opinion. And as with most addicts or alcoholics, he blames everything on someone else. Everyone involved with Trump sinks to his level, but evidently this guy was almost there already. The tragedy continues. Mary

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