Is there Really a of Joy of Christmas?

We see it every year in the faces of children on TV. The dChild Sitting on Santa's Kneeays before Christmas we see their Little Girl Waitingbright shiny faces, the sparkling eyes and big grins whenever Santa appears. Then the thrill of Christmas morning as they open presents filled with the dreams promised on TV and in store displays. This is the Joy we see every year on our TV screens, in advertisements and made for TV Christmas movies. It would be nice if these were the sights and sounds of the Joys of Christmas.
Today too many children do not get to feel the Joy of Christmas. But it is not only the children who are left out, it is their parents and those without families, and the homeless, the forgotten in nursing homes and hospitals. It is the family whose house or apartment is destroyed by fire, be it from Lonely Boycarelessness or a deliberate act. It could be the family torn apart by domestic violence, fathers or mothers removed from the home by the police in handcuffs or the children taken by officials for their welfare.
They are all suffering and not feeling the Joy of Christmas. Their suffering can be caused by many forces. Most of the time it is fear, fear of the unknown or of someone who has beaten them and threatens them with more of the same. It can be the fear of not having enough to eat, because Mom and/or Dad is working two or three minimum wage jobs and still there is not enough toBoy looking at his dinner provide adequate food for growing bodies, or instead of food the money goes for alcohol or drugs.
TV has played upon our emotions to the point where we forget about those not like ourselves. A population that is growing larger by the day. Many think they are those who dropped out of school or are too lazy to get better work. It is not only those who dropped out or are lazy, certainly there are those fit into that category, but they are high school grads and college and post grads who cannot find work within their field of study, and many with college and post-graduate degrees have debts so big that many may never get them paid off.
So I ask “Is there really a Joy of Christmas?” I have my doubts. I can find it within me and that is where it starts. But I must work at it to make that Joy be seen and felt beyond the frame-work of the TV and store displays. It is not easy, every day is a new struggle to show the world what the Joy of Christmas really means.