Summer to Fall

The sweltering days of summer are almost gone.
The heat that once continued long into the night

Now gives way to a cool refreshing comfort.
The days now are warm and the smell of fall is in the air.
Before long the rains will return and start to replenish the Earth preparing the ground for its next phase, that of winter.
But first the cooling days and then the rains.


I long for the cooler days of autumn. The briskness in the Morning to the warmth of the sun in the late afternoon. Mornings are filled with puffy white clouds keeping the sun from reaching the ground. It is as if they are a filter to disperse the light into awe inspiring shapes.

How soon will the rains appear? I do not know. They will Start slowly, a day here and a day there. They will gain Momentum, gaining frequency as autumn makes its way into Winter.

The early parts of autumn is what I relish. A time to ride Into the open spaces on a bike. To smell the changes that are Taking place. Open your senses to the sights and feelings of The season.

The season is also fraught with unexpected dangers. Fallen Leaves that become slippery when wet. The sudden gust of Wind that may take you by surprise. The warm morning that Lulls you into forgetting your raincoat and umbrella. Beware autumn is beautiful but she has a wicked sense of Humor.