Can you Smell it?

The hot suffocating heat of summer is starting to give way to the sweet smell of fall.

Can you smell it?

The sense of the changing temperatures at night, the quickness of the dark and the late rising of the sun.

Can you sense it?

The faint changes of color in the trees and bushes.

Can you see it?

The thin coating of dew on the grass and the cars that sit outside over nights.

Can you feel it?

Fall is trying to slip in without notice, with the stealth of a thief in the night.

Creeping silently, stealing from the night which once belonged to the day.

The heat of the day is still here, sometimes stifling or gently warming the soul.

Soon the rains will begin again, gone the warm days of summer.

The coats on our pets will start to change from short coolness to long and shaggy.

The shedding gone until the emergence of spring.

Goodbye summer, hello fall for you will soon envelope us all.

Can you smell it?

One thought on “Can you Smell it?

  1. Bud Frimoth August 26, 2014 / 6:55 pm

    Thoughtfully shared … using your gifts of writing in a new mode.

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