Have You Ever Wondered

Scenario 1

Police Car with Lights Flashing
Police Car with Lights Flashing

Have you ever wondered why traffic slows down to a crawl whenever there is an accident or other disturbance?  The other day while driving down the street the traffic started to slow, and within a few hundred feet it came to a complete stop.  Normally I would have taken the next street and avoided the problem.  This time the place I wanted to visit was close enough to make going around the obstruction impractical.  As I slowly inched forward and I noticed that the traffic was starting to merge left.  A truck, several vehicles ahead, finally found some one that would allow him to merge into the left lane.  That is when the show began.

There was one police car partially blocking the right lane.  There were so many lights on this car it looked like a Christmas tree on steroids.  In front was a lone car with the doors and truck open and the two occupants were standing on the sidewalk separated by an officer and another officer searching the car.  No dogs were visibly working the area and those on the sidewalk were not handcuffed.  So one wonders what was going on.

But this isn’t really about the police and the activities on the sidewalk; this is about the actions of the drivers who were passing by.  It seemed that every one of them needed to have a look or gawk at the proceedings taking place.  You wonder why they are so interested, are they related to those standing on the sidewalk with the police?  Or do they know or recognize them as neighbors?  But as soon as they get far enough past the scene where they can no longer observe what is going on, they speed up as if to see how fast they can get out of there.

Scenario 2

Kids having fun at Kindergarden
Kids having fun at Kindergarten

Have you ever wondered why children the world over can do their homework at home on the kitchen table but at school they must have tables and chairs that are built especially for them.

The table and chairs at school are scaled to allow these tykes to sit in a proper position.  Their bottoms fully seated on the seat and their feet firmly planted on the floor.  Elbows can be placed on the table just as adults do at home.  Work is at a comfortable position to enable the children to fully see their work.

But at home they sit on the edge of the kitchen chair, their legs dangling far from the floor.  They stretch to reach over the edge of the table, most find their work at eye level.  If sitting is too difficult then kneeling on the chair becomes necessary.  This now allows the child to now lean on or lay upon the table.  With all these disadvantages at home how is it possible that they manage to obtain a proper education?