It has been a long time

To my friends and those who have been following this blog I apologize for such a long lapse since my last post. Many events have taken place during this absence, both politically, but more importantly personally.

Autumn Leaves  Courtesy of Janis Christian
Autumn Leaves
Courtesy of Janis Christian

For the past few mornings, while eating my breakfast and drinking a cup of coffee, I have been watching the trees. I have seen the leaves slowly, yet rapidly; start to change from green to yellow and to gold. Some turn orange or bright red and others start out orange but the edges are tinged with red. It is that time of year when nature starts its creep into bed for the winter, to refresh itself for the spring.

Like many places we have the evergreens and the deciduous trees, and when the snow comes, not often here in the Willamette Valley, the beauty of the trees take on a new look. The stately evergreens wear their coat of snow as if they were going to a ball. The Oaks and Maples, no less stately, wear their coat as if to cover up their nakedness, and to make themselves seem larger and more important.

I love all the seasons, but the spring and autumn seem to be my favorites. For the spring brings forth new life and the promise of summer. Summer brings the heat, sweetness of long days and the fresh taste of the earth’s bounty. Autumn with its color and quickly changing temperatures reminds us that even as the day must end and the body needs rest, so must the earth enter into winter to rest and renew itself for a new spring.

2 thoughts on “It has been a long time

  1. rachel patnaude October 27, 2013 / 7:22 am

    i love your writing…in plymouth, it seems, we have a summer, a later fall,not much of a spring. say hi to kathy for me

  2. Bud Frimoth October 27, 2013 / 7:29 pm

    Well composed and gracious reminder of Autumn’s beauty and purpose

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