Timing and Emotions

I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts that I am a Mason.  I had told my wife that once I retired I wanted to become more involved with my lodge.  I retired in January and I have assumed the duties of treasurer, not only of my Lodge, but also of two bodies within the York Rite.  The York Rite is a group of three bodies, the Chapter, Council and Commandery, which complete the teachings of the degrees started in the Masonic Lodge.

Being treasurer means that I not only spend a fair amount of time at the lodge doing paper work to account for all monies being received or spent, but also it seems like a correspondingly equal amount of time running to and from the different banks.  Some how not all of the accounts were started or are maintained in one bank.  At some point we may decide to bring all accounts under one roof.

Yesterday I needed to go to the bank to make a deposit.  This particular branch has been doing some remodeling, removing its drive up window and replacing it with another system.  This has meant that the parking lot has been totally redesigned, for better or worse, who can say.

When I pulled into the lot and found a place to park, it was next to an older SUV.  I noticed that a woman was standing next to it and at first glance she appeared to be talking to someone inside.  After parking and getting out of my car I found that the woman was indeed talking to someone in the SUV and it was her mother.  She told me that her mother has Alzheimer’s and after getting her back into the vehicle, belted her in, she shut the door, her mother hit the button and locked it up.  What made that situation worse was that she had also put her keys into the ignition.  So her mother is not only locked in the vehicle, but so are the keys along with her cell phone.

She told me that she had sent her son home to get a spare set of keys.  All the while she was trying to stay calm and get her mother to put her hand on the door, move it to the button to unlock it.  I asked her if there was anything I could do and she told me that she hoped to get everything resolved soon.  I told her I would be back soon and would check back when I returned.  She thanked me for my concern.

After finishing my business in the bank and returning to my car I saw that she was still outside her vehicle.  I also noticed that she was starting to panic.  Since the car had been turned off for some time it was starting to heat up and her mother was also starting to get over heated.  I again asked if there was anything I could do to help.  She asked if she could use my phone to call her son.  When she reached him he was still some distance from home and it would be some time before he returned to the bank.  She then called 911 and they told her they would send a fire truck to this location.  She was decided that she would break the window on her own, so the truck would not need to be dispatched.

I retrieved the tire iron from the trunk of my car and she decided which window she wanted to break.  Being stronger she asked me to break it, all the while she is continuing to talk to her mother.  After I struck the window three times and not even chipping the surface, her mother again moved her hand and this time she put her hand on the arm rest and moved it up and pushing all the buttons she unlocked the doors.

As soon as the button popped up the woman immediately yanked open the door and hugged her mother.  I told her that I was pleased that I did not have to actually break the window.  She then gave me a big hug and thanked me for helping.  We agreed that I would remain at the door until she got around to the driver’s side and got in, so the door could not be locked before she could get in.

Did I really do anything to help her resolve her situation?  I don’t think I did.  My only contribution was to stay calm, listen to her needs and help her in any way that I could, even if it meant breaking a window for her to gain access.  Thank goodness that act did not have to be done.

After ensuring she had everything under control and her son was aware that the crisis was over, I got back into my car and continued my day.

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  1. Bud Frimoth August 21, 2013 / 8:06 pm

    Serendipities of the Spirit… thanks for being “with” as well as wanting to “help”.

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