A Special Person in My Life

A stitched panorama of downtown Portland, OR a...
A stitched panorama of downtown Portland, OR at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kathy, my wife, is a very special person.  Having put up with the Army for 17 years, my working in construction for 15, and back into an office for the last 8, she has endured as much or more as most women.  She did this while raising a daughter, and battling a disabling illness, thankfully now controlled by medication. Through this entire time she has maintained her sense of humor.

Yesterday we spent part of the day celebrating the Fourth of July with neighbors.  All of us were having a good time and began telling stories about ourselves and loved ones.  I told the story about Kathy that showed how gullible she can be.  Her gullibility is one of her most endearing parts of her personality.

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year during the reelection campaign of President Obama, he was doing a swing through the Western states.  After leaving Seattle he made a quick stopped in Portland going to a small restaurant called “The Gateway Breakfast House”.  During this visit, as is his normal procedure, he talked with customers, particularly the veterans.   After his visit he departed for either San Francisco or Los Angeles.  We saw this on the evening news and were surprised that he was so near our home and we were not aware that he would be here.

The next day at work I decided to pull Kathy’s leg and give her a good laugh.  First I sent her a text saying that “The President was returning to Portland and would be going back to the Breakfast House just to meet Kathy Harmon and that I would meet her there”.  I was surprised when my telephone rang and she told me that she was out walking the dog and was now racing home to get her camera and wanted to know what time we needed to be there.  I told her that I was just pulling her leg and that the President was not returning to Portland.  She responded with her normal ‘you got me’ of “Oh you!” followed by a big laugh.

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Wash...
A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Washington Monument. Location: WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (DC) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was telling this story yesterday she was still laughing and saying that was one of the best jokes I had ever thought of.  She also added details to the story that I didn’t know or had forgotten.  Our neighbors laughed and saw a side of Kathy they had never seen before, all the while telling me that I shouldn’t tease her that way.