The Beauty and Grace…

At 11 pm last night I turned off the TV and took Scamp out before going to bed; well we thought we were going to bed.  It is our normal routine for Scamp and me to go out to the grassy area for him to potty.  Nothing was special about this until we started to go into our building.  We live in a condominium were there are four units accessible after passing through the outer entry door.

I had released Scamp to wait for me at the door.  After making a deposit in the garbage can I started to go up the two concrete steps and across the porch to the door.  But before I could manage to get to the door I stubbed my toe on the top step and flew head first toward the door.  I tried to catch myself but proceeded to land on my knees and forehead.  Exposed aggregate concrete does not make for a smooth landing surface.

When I opened my eyes I found myself lying on the porch with Scamp looking at me with a very concerned look upon his face.  I slowly got up, collected my glasses and went inside.  Kathy was in the kitchen preparing to take her bedtime medications.  I told her that I was going to bed with a very bad headache; at this point she looked up and with a surprised look upon her face asked what happened.  She made me sit down so she could clean up my forehead and knees and told me that we were going to the ER to make sure that I did not have a concussion.

When we arrived at the ER, one of the first questions asked by the nurse was “Did your wife hit you?”  I told him no, but it would have made for a much better story.  While standing at the counter and continuing to answer questions they took my vital signs, placed a collar around my neck and put me on a gurney for transport to the ER room.  I was surprised at the sense of urgency displayed, even though the ER was fairly busy.

The doctor was there as soon as they got me into the room and he was checking the wound on the forehead and asking questions about the fall and how I was feeling.  He then ordered some medication for nausea and a CT scan to determine if there was any internal damage to my head and neck.

After the check in had been completed and an IV was in place I was transported for the CT scan.  I was back to the room within 20 minutes; Kathy said that she didn’t even have time to fall asleep.  The doctor came back in after 30 minutes and removed the collar and pronounced that there wasn’t any damage to the brain or neck but said that I would be sore today.  So at 1:30 this morning Kathy and I are driving home.  As we are driving along we are teasing each other about stopping and getting something to eat.  We watch what we eat very closely and as we were driving past the donut shop I started teasing her about getting some donuts as she continued driving past the shop without slowing.

Finally we got home and to bed, Kathy fell asleep quickly, but it took me a couple of hours to finally get to sleep.  It seemed like a short night because I was awake at my normal 7 am; old habits are hard to change, even when you only get about 3 hours of sleep.

This is my tale of “The Beauty and Grace of Being a Klutz”.


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