Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Note from Larry – This is Kathy’s first attempt at blogging.  I am sharing my space so she can get a feeling for it.

Last night, since our lives have been altered somewhat by a health issue I am having and problems with walking, we were sitting at home deciding what we would do that would be of entertainment.  We quickly decided that a good DVD from a Redbox would be something we wanted to do.  Then we both agreed to get the one called “Silver Lining Playbook” even though I had already read the book not too long ago.  I found the book very good and also that it was something I could relate to.  Since I am reading so many different books I really did not dwell on the significance of this particular book but just found it to be an extremely well written book that was strikingly something I could relate to.

When the DVD began I actually thought it would be nothing like the book or as good.  But to my delight and also insight, it was something that only added more insight into just the significance of the whole story.

Larry also enjoyed the movie very much.  It is a long DVD so just watching it for that long was a surprise when it ended and also it sure did not seem that it lasted that long.

Then he said something about the movie that really was like a “light bulb effect” for me which always makes me get so excited and so connected with him.  He said very simply, “You know who that family reminds me of?”  I responded, “No” expecting him to say maybe his own.  But he said it is your family and he meant the time we had spent in Massachusetts.  This was when he was an Army recruiter and we were always around my mother’s family.  All my Aunts and Uncles were reminiscent of the family portrayed in the movie.  “Yes” I knew he had hit the nail on its head and pointed out something I had totally discounted.  I remember them then when I was in my mid-twenties and they would play cards and then get to going with talk and laughter and arguments and it was just non stop hilarity.  So alive and so funny!  I, as someone who has struggled with bipolar, have always tried to piece together some of my family’s traits and how I had what I had as far as mental illness but not connected all the dots.  This was just another dot to connect to the why and the fact of where I come from.

I am so grateful for Larry and his ability to sometimes come up with insight into what is going on and I will sometimes not see it is true for some time.  More and more I see that he has said so many things I would just put away thinking that this probably is not of much bearing.  My ears are listening more and more to him and also we seem to be more connected than ever before.  I have said to him at times as we lie down for bed, “I love you more.”   And he will say, “What do you mean?” I will reply, “I love you more than ever before.”