Why Do Republicans Hate this Democratic President?


I ask you – As a Republican why do you hate this Democratic President?  Is it when the president and the congress work for the general welfare of the people, that you get upset?  Or is it anybody outside your party with different ideas than your own that you hate?  Even when those ideas are those you expound and when the president agrees with you, you turn and dislike your own ideas.

As someone who enjoys learning about and studying history I have noticed a pattern.  You didn’t like President Roosevelt because he ran and won four elected terms.  His terms were successful because he got thing done for the general good of the people. Then during the Truman Administration you passed a constitutional amendment barring anyone from being elected more than twice, or three terms if having served less than 1000 days after assuming the duties of President upon the death of a President.

Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were disliked by the Republicans.  Was it because President Kennedy was Catholic and President Johnson, after the death of President Kennedy, for having been the Majority Leader of the Senate and knew how to get things passed?  He didn’t have to twist arms, as some have suggested, he just knew where the skeletons were buried.

President Carter was not liked because he had an accent, came from Georgia and was not a member of the Old Boys Club.  He may have graduated from the Naval Academy and had a degree in reactor technology and nuclear physics, but to them he was just a peanut farmer.

President Clinton was another Southern boy, who enjoyed life too much.  He had affairs outside his marriage (was impeached for it) and was accused and investigated of many deeds where no evidence was found especially of the death of Vince Foster.  This went on for the entire eight years of his Presidency.

Illinois State Senate
Illinois State Senate

 Along comes Barak Obama, a Black man (heaven forbid), whose father came from Kenya married to a white American woman, born in Hawaii and lived as a child in other countries.  A man who became a community organizer (to help his fellow-man), went to Harvard Law, served in the Illinois State Senate before becoming an US Senator.  Not finishing his first term he had the audacity to run and be elected as President of the United States.

 With this the Republicans meet on inaugural night 2009 and pledged to do everything in their power to make him a one term president.  Until the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, President Obama had a majority in both the house and senate.  After the election of Scott Brown from Massachusetts the ability to pass anything in the senate without 60 votes became impossible.

Here it is 2013 and President Obama has been reelected president.  Making him a one term president did not workout very well for the republicans.  Since the election they are still determined to undermine anything proposed by this president.


I learned in school that this was the land of opportunity and that any man (or woman) can grow up to become President.  Being young and naive I didn’t realize that this referred to whites only.  We have broken the glass ceiling of color; can we now break the glass ceiling of sexism?