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U of O Campus

Part IV

The summer passed and I continued to ride and enjoy the exercise and freedom of the road.  Fall came and with it the rains.  Thanksgiving found me out on the bike for an early ride before taking Kathy out to dinner.  It was a cool but dry day and it felt good to be out riding.

A little more than a week later things were about to change.  I was on my way to work as normal when an abnormal occurrence brought me to an abrupt stop.  It had started getting colder that morning and while going though a parking lot I hit a patch of ice and I found myself lying on the ground.  Many people stopped to help, to call my wife and an ambulance.  The emergency room is where I found out the extent of the damage, to me, not to the bike.  I had broken the head off the femur and would need surgery and three pins to repair the damage.

It was a month before I returned to work, it was rough; crutches, buses, light rail trains and walking up to 2 blocks at both ends of the trip.  I was not released to drive, but that did not matter since we only had one car.  As time went on I started to feel like the world was resting upon my shoulders.  I consulted my doctor and was prescribed an antidepressant and after a month was changed to a different one.  In the mean time I started physical therapy and to see a therapist.  I was back to riding but I didn’t enjoy it.  It was a struggle to get on the bike in the morning to go to work and in the afternoon to go home.  Going for a ride on the weekends, as I was known to do, just didn’t interest me.

Thanksgiving Day was a turning point.  Since the antidepressants were not working, it was suggested that I get a blood test for low testosterone.  My testosterone was low and my doctor did more tests that found that my hormones were completely out of whack.  Following a MRI it was found that a growth on my pituitary gland was responsible, fortunately this growth is a benign.  After almost five months I am now on a medication to shrink the tumor and I am starting to feel like my old self and have started to ride again.  It feels great to feel that freedom on the road again.