Lord, When I Came into this Life

When I came into this life I was promised many things, some spiritual, some secular and others that have been lost and never to be remembered.

I was born into this life full of God’s promise; it was there that those promises began to take shape to be fulfilled or to be left upon an empty slate.  As I grew the signs of those promises started to develop and show its design of long ago.  Some have carried through and I became who I am today and others have been discarded never to be thought of again.

May times when I thought a promise had been broken or unfulfilled, a new path would open up with a light shining brightly upon this new avenue.  some say that this is being Reborn, but is it in a spiritual or is it a secular rebirth?

Being Reborn has many connotations.  To some it simply means being reborn in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to rejoice and be new again leaving the Old behind and that Christ is the center of you being.  To others it means something totally different, something more Worldly.  To be Reborn in the Spirit of Jesus Christ for me is not a one time event as it is for some.  For me it is ever changing, and ever fulfilling.

Over the years I married, my daughter was born, I changed jobs and have now retired, with each step I was Reborn into a new life and with each I have always felt a presence near me.  That presence has always made me feel comfortable with guidance and reassurance.

Recently upon my retirement I was angry, anxious, and full of fear.  i did not feel the presence, that I had always felt, was near.  I had turned by back and felt alone.  It was an unknown and scary place to be, will we have enough money to maintain our life style?  Will Kathy and I be able to continue our lives together in peace and harmony?  Will I be able to fill my day and stay out of Kathy’s way?  Fortunately these questions were answered with a resounding yes.

As the days have past, I have filled my days with tings I have longed to do.  Meet with friends for breakfast on Friday mornings, taking more interest in my lodge, not knowing that I would take over the duties of the Treasurer so soon, joining an athletic club to help my mind and  body recover from the trauma from the past year and a half, physical and mental, being with Kathy for an evening of watching TV.

Now I am looking forward to spending more time with Kathy and Scamp, getting back onto the bike, Kathy and I joining together with friends for lunches and dinners to celebrate our lives and events.

In all of this I have become aware, once again, of that presence tat has always been there, where ever I have been.  It reminds of the poem “Footprints” and I look back and wonder if hat presence was there with me while I was going though all of this?  and realize the presence of God has always been there, even when I don’t recognize it.